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A Message from the Head of IS&T

IS&T is a vital, diverse, and progressive organization. Through the efforts of a committed and talented staff, we provide foundational IT services and support to MIT. Achieving excellence in delivering services to the MIT community and strengthening customer focus will be critical objectives for the next three years.

This Strategic and Operational Plan and our new customer-focused organization provide a framework for achieving these objectives. Our Plan outlines a three-year strategy and vision for the future of IT at MIT. In order to achieve our goals we must develop a culture of “One IS&T”: a department that collaborates to understand the needs of its customers and to create cost-effective solutions that make it easier for the community to do its work.

Each employee fulfills a valuable role in ensuring service excellence and effectively partnering with our customers to achieve our collective goals. As we begin to implement this plan, we welcome your input and ideas. The Plan is a living document which will be modified and updated as systems change, projects are completed, and goals evolve. In collaboration with the MIT community, we hope to ensure that our priorities and projects reflect our commitment to service quality while firmly establishing our reputation as a customer-focused, dynamic and high-performing organization.

Thank you to all the key stakeholders, community members, and IS&T staff for their valuable input to this plan. Your contributions have been so important in creating a sustainable strategic and operational direction for IS&T.

IS&T will continue to partner with its customers as it works to advance MIT’s mission by providing IT services that make it easy for the MIT community to do its work: communicate, collaborate, and interact with MIT and beyond.

IS&T Strategic and Operational Plan

IS&T Strategic and Operational Plan Overview [PDF; one page, double-sided plan summary]

IS&T Strategic and Operational Plan FY11-FY13 [PDF]
  Appendix A: FY11 Detailed Operational Plan by Area [PDF]
  Appendix B: Building the Foundation for the Plan [PDF]
  Appendix C: IS&T Communications Plan [PDF]
  Appendix D: IS&T Planning Participants [PDF]
  Appendix E: Organizational Charts