IS&T's Distributed IT Resources (DITR) team offers specialized desktop preventative maintenance services. Administrative members of departments that have little or no IT support can utilize the AdminIT Program.

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Benefits and key features

  • Increased reliability and stability of administrative computing through standardization, timely hardware and software upgrades, and efficient end-user support.
  • Improved computing support for Administrative users and those working in DLCs that rely on enterprise-wide applications.
  • Improved communication between departments and IS&T on topics like hardware, software, training, and support processes.

Initial assessment (approximately two hours per machine): 

  • A thorough evaluation of your computing environment, operating system and applications.
  • Hardware and software upgrade as needed, based on the evaluation results.

Annual preventative maintenance visits:

  • Ensure computer hardware, software, and virus protection are up to date.
  • Determine that a sound backup strategy for the computer is in place.

All Windows systems in the program are encouraged to join the domain. Once in the domain, software upgrades can be pushed in a more timely manner.


Participation is limited to the MIT Administrative community. Faculty, research staff, developers, temporary appointments, and student vouchers are not eligible.

The MIT Administrative community's job is primarily administrative according to their job description.

Getting started

Contact DITR: | 617-258-5785