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Obtaining an Athena Workstation

Obtaining an Athena Workstation consists of these three primary steps:

1. Obtain the hardware

IS&T limits its full assistance to the current recommended desktop configuration for Apple and Dell. Help with other configurations is available on a best-effort basis. Some hardware configurations may be incompatible with Athena. For more information, see:  Q: What are the hardware requirements for installing Debathena?

Hardware assistance is limited to assistance with configuration and software installation issues. Physical set-up and delivery of the hardware is the customer's responsibility. We provide warranty repair service for our recommended desktop configurations through the Help Desk.

 2. Select a metapackage

Athena is available in different configurations called "metapackages" - each providing different degrees of customization and support. IS&T offers full support for the following two metapackages:

For more information on these and additional metapackages, see:  Q: Which Debathena metapackage should I install?

3. Install the software

If the workstation is already running a current release of Ubuntu or Debian Linux, use the Debathena installation script.

If you do not have a current release of Ubuntu or Debian Linux, use our Debathena PXE network-based installer.