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TSM: Policies


Important facts regarding your TSM account and data stored on the TSM server(s).

Actively Updated Files
Kept for the duration of your subscription.

Previous Version of a Current File on Your Computer
Kept for 30 days after a backup marks the file as an older version.

Files Deleted From Your Computer
Kept for 30 days after a backup detects the file as deleted from your computer.

Archived Files
Kept for the duration of your computer's TSM subscription, or until you delete it.

Backups of CDs or DVDs
Subject to deletion at any time -- without notification.

Your TSM account is subject to deletion when:

  • It is inactive for two years or more, or
  • It has an expired Kerberos ID, or
  • It is older than six months and has never been used

Subscriber Responsibilities

The following tasks are your responsibility as a subscriber to the MIT TSM Backup Service:

  • Opening a separate account for each computer to be backed up;
  • Installing TSM client software on your computer;
  • Launching the Scheduler or starting manual backup sessions;
  • Checking to confirm that manual and scheduled backups have run as expected;
  • Abiding by MITnet Rules of Use, which deal with your responsibilities and behavior on the network;
  • Notifying IS&T of changes -- using the web form, Update information/request services, when you:
    • change the primary owner of your computer;
    • change operating system;
    • start using a new computer, or an additional computer;
    • change MIT account number for billing;
    • terminate service.
      Note: If you do not terminate your account, you will continue to be billed.
  • Keeping track of passwords for copies of files, if you used TSM encryption.

IS&T Responsibilities

IS&T assumes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Maintaining a functioning service during advertised hours;
  • Protecting facilities and data storage from damage and intrusion;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to recover data from impaired IS&T media;
  • Providing support.