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Administrative Desktop Renewal Program

The Administrative Desktop Renewal Program assists Administrative departments with equipment standardization, lifecycles, and large purchases. Participation is limited to the Administrative community. Faculty, research staff, developers, temporary appointments and student vouchers are not eligible.

The Administrative community is defined as personnel whose job is primarily administrative according to their job description and who use most or all of the Administrative applications - SAP, BrioQuery, Roles, SumMIT or Coeus. It is intended for full-time personnel.

This program does not replace the initial purchase of a new machine in conjunction with a new hire, as that is considered part of the startup costs of the new hire, but is focused on replacing existing machines as they fall below the standards of adequate computing power.

Renewal process

Hardware standards are set periodically throughout the fiscal year.

  1. Hardware and software is evaluated; those requiring desktop renewal are identified.
  2. Equipment is ordered.
  3. Renewals are scheduled and completed throughout the year. This is generally done in conjunction with the preventative maintenance schedule.


Renewal guidelines

  • Equipment is renewed on a three year cycle
  • Equipment is limited to desktop computers (Macintosh/Windows) and printers
    Note: Laptops often require cost sharing with the participating DLC
  • Servers, peripherals, and special needs equipment are not funded through the Desktop Renewal Program

For questions regarding participation in this program, contact IT Deployment and Maintenance Services (ITDMS), phone: 617-258-5785.