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IS&T Human Resources (IST-HR): Employee Relations

IS&T believes that its employees are its most important resource, and strives to maintain a positive collaborative working environment. IS&T is responsive to the needs of the individual and the Institute. The IS&T HR Team:

  • Seeks to resolve employment-related problems and workplace concerns.
  • Applies and interprets MIT's personnel policies, and provides training that is related to the administration of common practices within IS&T.
  • Works closely with the MIT Human Resources Office to ensure the Institute's compliance with legal requirements affecting employment.

Shared responsibility

It is the responsibility of the employee, in appropriate cases, to talk with his or her manager first, before involving other parties. In the event that the employee and the manager cannot work out a mutually satisfactory solution, or if the employee cannot discuss the matter with his or her manager, the employee is encouraged to inform an IS&T Human Resources Consultant (HRC) of the situation. The HRC, the employee, and the manager will work together to try to resolve the problem.

It is the manager's role to listen to employee concerns and attempt to build and support an environment conducive to an open exchange of information. An open two-way communication process is essential for positive employee relations. If an issue or concern cannot be resolved between the manager and the employee, the manager or employee should contact an IS&T HR Consultant.

HRCs are both an employee's and a manager's primary contact for all employment-related issues.

Employee-Management communication

IS&T recognizes the importance of a good working relationship between managers and staff. Employees and managers should make a special effort to deal with concerns at a local level. In the event that an employee or manager cannot resolve the situation, or it would not be appropriate to raise the concern with the manager initially, the employee should consult an HRC who will assist the employee and the manager in resolving the issue. If the HRC's attempts are unsuccessful, he or she may, at his or her discretion, enlist the aid of a senior manager or director to assist in resolving the issue. Generally, adherence to this process should result in the resolution of any issue. All involved should attempt to find a mutually satisfactory solution to the problem.

However, it is not reasonable to expect every problem will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. If another resource outside of the department is desired, Christopher Frechette, MIT Human Resources Officer (HRO) can be reached at 617-253-8381. The HRO can council the HRC and the employee/manager on specific issues, provide an Institute perspective, and help to resolve the situation. It is preferred (although not required) that the HRC arrance the initial contact between the HRO and employee/manager.


Confidentiality is of prime importance to the IS&T-HR Team. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality, to the extent legally permitted, and to the extent that safety, security, and the rights of employees, or others, are not compromised.