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IS&T Human Resources (IST-HR): Recruitment Practices: Hiring Process

The following information details how to initiate the hiring process in IS&T. Additionally, there are specific MIT hiring policies that all hiring managers should be aware of.

Initiate the hiring process

  • Hiring for an MIT employee:
    A job description for the role you are hiring for must be created. This can be accomplished by updating an existing job description, or, if a new description needs to be written, the hiring manager should complete the Job Description Template. Guidance on job description content, title selection, and market data are available via your IS&T HR Consultant.
  • Hiring an external consultant (includes Independent Contractors):
    Complete a Purchase Order/FTE/Consultant Request Form (the same form is used for permanent hiring requests). The hiring manager will complete the entire form except for the section designated to be completed by the supporting FBC.
    When considering a consultant through Edgerock or EPI-USE, the same process applies.
  • Hiring an MITemp for short-term employment:
    Complete the MITemps request form. Once approved, a request for hire form is filled out. The on-boarding is handled by nextSource.
  • Hiring MIT student employees:
    One of the forms below must be filled out by the hiring manager. The form can also be obtained from Alice Kimball. Once completed, mail or email the form to Alice. Information will be entered on the student employment website. Student information must be entered by Thursday of the week of their start date in order to enter time into the system. An automated email will be generated to the supervisor, student, and Alice. 
    The student can begin entering hours weekly online.

The person responsible for approving the student's time will also approve their hours.
    Note: There is no system-generated reminder to approve payroll. You must log in to Atlas to check for timesheets awaiting approval. All timesheets must be approved by 3:30PM on the following Monday, unless a holiday falls on a Monday.

Obtain approval to hire

Once the Hiring Manager submits a form, it is reviewed in the following order:

  1. Manager of IS&T Finance
  2. VP of IS&T

Next steps for CONSULTANT hires:
From here, the Hiring Manager can proceed with next steps for bringing on the consultant resource.

Next steps for MITemps hires:
From here, the Hiring Manager can proceed with next steps for bringing on the resource, by contacting MITemps at extension 4-0191. MITemps will set up the new resource on their payroll and ensure the hiring manager is set up to approve time sheets.

Next steps for Renewing CONSULTANT or MITemps hires:
Any contract/temporary renewals must go through the same approval process that is used for new contract/temporary hires. The Hiring Manager must first contact IS&T Finance to start the approval process at least 30 days prior to the scheduled end date. Once the VP of IS&T approves the renewal, the hiring manager should contact MITemps at extension 4-0191 with the new end date. If the resource has been secured through a third party (staffing agency or IS&T Strategic Partnership), the hiring manager should coordinate with the appropriate third party representative(s), once the VP of IS&T has granted approval of renewing the temporary resource.

Next steps for PERMANENT (FTE) hires:
Upon full approval, IST-HR will contact MIT-HR Staffing Services to post the permanent (FTE) position to the MIT site, as well as coordinate posting to other external job boards.

Staffing Agencies:
Occasionally staffing agencies will contact the department, or hiring manager, after seeing a posted position. If a solicitation call is received from a staffing agency, refer the representative to IS&T Human Resources for the following reasons:

  • MIT requires all candidate pool and resume activity be managed via the HR applicant tracking system.
  • All fee and payment agreements must be vetted through IS&T Human Resources before a staffing firm may work with IS&T.
  • No agency contract may be signed, or otherwise agreed to, until vetted through IS&T Human Resources and/or MIT Procurement.

If at any time during the recruitment process permanent staffing agency assistance is needed, you must follow the steps below:

  • The Hiring Manager must first contact their FBC to review budget availability for paying agency placement fee(s).
  • If there is budget available to pay the fee (typically 20% of the candidate's salary), the hiring manager should then discuss the hiring with their Assistant Director.

Hiring internal candidates

Employee career development is an integral part of our talent management philosophy. We would like every employee to feel empowered to apply for positions within IS&T.

It is also important for us to be transparent in our hiring practices. Any informational inquiry made by an employee about a position in another area may be kept confidential. Once the employee decides to formally apply for the opening, we encourage the employee to let his/her supervisor or manager know that they have applied for another position. If the employee does not feel comfortable having that conversation, the hiring manager will reach out to the employee’s supervisor.