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The MIT Events Calendar provides a consolidated listing of events taking place on the MIT campus and its off-campus locations.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

By advertising seminars, cultural events and other activities, the calendar encourages communication and community within MIT, provides more comprehensive information about MIT to the external world, and helps serve MIT's educational and research missions.

  • Events include lectures, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, club events, social events, and deadlines. They may include on-campus events or off-campus events sponsored by an MIT group.
  • Events may be open to the general public, the MIT community or a segment of the MIT community.
  • Note: The Calendar is world-readable.


To post events to the MIT Events Calendar:

  • You must  be a member of the MIT community with an MIT ID card, an Athena account, and an MIT web certificate.
  • You must also be a member of a sponsoring group. Authorized sponsors are listed on the sponsor search page. If your group is already authorized and you know someone in the group who can post events, that person can in turn authorize you. If you don't know who in your group is authorized, send your request for information to

If your group does not appear in the list of authorized sponsors, submit the add a group form with yourself as the first person in the group. There may be variations on the name of a group, so be sure to look through all the sponsors on the sponsor search page before submitting the request form.

If you do not meet the above criteria or do not have MIT personal certificates, you may ask to have a Calendar Coordinator post the event for you. Contact

The following events cannot be posted to the MIT Events Calendar:

  • On-campus events that are hosted by someone who is not a member of the MIT community
  • Personal events

Other restrictions on postings:
The Calendar Coordinators have the authority to remove inappropriate postings. Criteria includes:

  • Illegal (after conferring with legal counsel)
  • In conflict with MIT policy
  • Not an event, by definition
  • Forged

Getting started