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About IS&T News
January 5, 2014

IS&T provides information technology (IT) services that make it easy for the MIT community to do its work. To keep the community informed, IS&T publishes news about its offerings through spotlights, headlines, and videos.

  • Spotlights feature IS&T projects created in collaboration with other partners at MIT.
  • Headlines cover IS&T services, including software, email and calendaring,  security, training,  web resources – and much more!
  • Videos focus on tips for safer and more effective use of computers, phones, and applications.

You can also follow IS&T news on Facebook, Twitter (@MIT_ISTnews), or via RSS.

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Terms of Use:
If you would like to republish an IS&T news article, please include the headline, byline, short summary, and a link to the original story on the IS&T web site, along with the following credit: "Reprinted with permission of IS&T."  Note that images may not be reproduced without prior approval from the IS&T Communications Team.

If you would like to include an IS&T video on your web page, please link to the original from the IS&T Videos page or MIT TechTV.