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IS&T Announces Support for the Cisco AnyConnect ICS+ App on Android OS 4.x+
August 27, 2012
Matt Sullivan
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Information Services and Technology (IS&T) now supports for Cisco's AnyConnect ICS+ app on Android devices running Android OS 4.x+. This version of the Cisco AnyConnect ICS+ app does not require your Android device to be "rooted" and can be downloaded directly to your device via Google's Play store.

This version of Cisco AnyConnect ICS+ app does come with some device compatibility exceptions, some functionality issues, and a few feature limitations.

Compatible Devices
Android 4.x, with the following exceptions:

  • ASUS Transformer TF-201 before version 4.0.3
  • Archos G9 before version 4.0.5
  • All Sony devices - TUN network services missing

Known Issues

  • When reconnecting, an unwanted noise or vibration occurs. This was addressed by Google in Android 4.0.3+.
  • The AnyConnect icon in the notification tray is unusually large. This is a limitation with the VPN Framework.
  • Some freezes are known to occur on the Diagnostics screen.
  • If root is available, deny the 'su' requests for standard features.

The following features are not supported using this package:

  • Filter support
  • Trusted network detection
  • Split exclude
  • Local LAN exception
  • Secure gateway web portal (inaccessible when tunneled)

Setup and Support
Instructions for setting up the Cisco AnyConnect ICS+ app on your Android 4.x+ device can be found in The Knowledge Base under How to install MIT VPN via Cisco AnyConnect App on Android 4.x+. It is important to note that IS&T does not maintain this application. Future updates from Cisco to their AnyConnect ICS+ app may break or change the current setup. IS&T will update the documentation to address any changes that occur.

If you need any mobile-device-related support, check the Mobile Device Ninja for mobile platform setup instructions or contact the Mobile Devices Team at