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IS&T Strongly Recommends FileMaker Users WAIT to Install FileMaker 12
April 26, 2012
Peggy Conant
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FileMaker 12 boxFileMaker Inc. recently announced the release of its new FileMaker 12 suite of products. At this time IS&T recommends that users WAIT to upgrade to FileMaker 12 until on-campus support is provided, at which time the latest version will be available to the MIT community for free via our volume site-license agreement.

The timing for campus support and availability of FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Server 12, the two MIT-supported products, will follow testing in the MIT environment and preparation of support documentation and conversion recommendations.

Upgrading to FileMaker 12 involves a file format conversion, unlike the last four FileMaker version migrations. IS&T expects most file conversions to be relatively straightforward. However, FileMaker 12 products do not offer backward compatibility. MIT users should bear the conversion process in mind when budgeting time and resources for support of existing solutions, particularly in cases where multiple FileMaker files are being supported by one area.
Once campus support has been announced, IS&T will publish its recommendations on the timing and procedures for conversions to FileMaker 12 on its product support pages.
For general information about FileMaker 12, visit the FileMaker product pages.