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Problems with iPhone iOS 4 Upgrade
June 24, 2010
Matthew Sullivan
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Since the release of the iPhone iOS 4 software this week, there have been numerous reports of problematic behaviors. One of the major issues, experienced by some users on campus, is that the Exchange Calendar is not appearing in the calendar on the iPhone. This behavior does not seem to be related to settings. There have been no confirmed updates or notifications from Apple regarding this issue, but there is a lengthy thread brewing on the Apple Discussions board.

MIT has created a bug report with Apple. At this time, IS&T recommends that anyone who has not already updated their iPhone or iPod software to iOS 4 refrain from doing so – at least until Apple rolls out some type of solution.

If you have upgraded to iOS 4 and are experiencing this issue, please send email to IS&T's Mobile Devices Team. Users who have updated to iOS 4 but are not experiencing these issues can continue with business as usual.