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IS&T + IAP = 12 ways to boost your tech know-how
December 28, 2016
Jess Archer
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IS&T plus IAP

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) is sponsoring twelve classes during IAP 2017, from January 9 to February 3. Topics range from using APIs to Adobe Photoshop basics to iOS security tips. Many of these classes require advance sign-up and some have limited space. Sign-up is easy; fill out the online form or email the instructor. If a class catches your eye, don’t wait to enroll!

Some of IS&T’s IAP instructors will be at tables on campus to answer questions about their classes. On January 4, they will be in Lobby 10 from 11am to 1pm. On January 11, they will be in the Student Center from noon to 2pm.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick look at what IS&T is offering.


Amber Bennoui will explore MIT’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and discuss how to use them for websites or projects.

Graphic design

For those interested in graphic design, Andrew Ramirez is teaching the basics of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Using InDesign, you can create flyers, brochures, and posters, while Photoshop lets you edit and enhance photos and other digital images.

Workplace tools

Patrick Curtis will demo Board Effect, a cloud-based platform that optimizes the planning of meetings and promotes connectivity among members. It’s of special interest to boards and committees.

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage system that enables easy collaboration and sharing. Irina Cyr’s introductory class will cover common questions about collaboration features and group management.

Researchers who work in MIT labs may be interested in Lisa Robinson’s LabArchives demo, co-sponsored by MIT Libraries. This cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) enables researchers to organize and store experimental procedures, protocols, and data.

New faculty members and TAs can find out about Learning Modules (LMOD) in Heather Anne Harrison’s introductory course. LMOD ties together a set of learning and course management systems with MIT's academic infrastructure.

Sara Davies will share tips and shortcuts to increase productivity when using Outlook, Microsoft’s email and calendaring software.  

Heather Anne Harrison and Christopher Giles will give an overview of Trello, a flexible project management tool that helps you organize work using boards, lists, and cards.

Heather Anne Harrison is also leading a class on MIT’s own wikis – web-based collaboration spaces. It will cover everything from requesting a space to editing permissions.


Nina Kominiak, an Apple Consulting Engineer, is leading two seminars on iOS applications. One will focus on developing iOS apps with Swift and the other will focus on iOS app security.

Check out all of IS&T’s courses on the IAP website, and be sure to sign up early!