MIT Mobile App: The In-Your-Pocket guide to all things Institute
October 25, 2016
Jess Archer
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Tech Shuttle
Photo: Phil Johnson

The MIT Mobile app has many features, including news, interactive maps, and calendars. Available on iOS and Android, it can also be accessed on a browser by visiting

Here’s a rundown on all the app’s modules and what they’re useful for.


The News section of the app brings you to a mobile-friendly feed of the latest MIT News articles. You can also search the news or bookmark stories for later reading.


Powered by NextBus, the Shuttle portion of the app tracks the Tech Shuttle and other options, such as EZRide and Saferide, as they go along their routes. The app can tell you what the next stop is and when the shuttle will arrive at your stop.


The MIT map is a detailed, interactive map of all the buildings on campus. It has search and list features to help you find what you’re looking for. For example, select “Athena Clusters” in List mode and you’ll get a list of Athena cluster locations. Then tap “Map” and you’ll see a pin on the MIT map for each cluster.


The Events module connects to the MIT calendars to keep you in the loop about what’s happening on campus. Tap “Daily Events” to see a list of events happening today. You can also access the Academic Calendar and a list of academic holidays.

People Directory

Search the MIT People Directory when you need contact information for that special student, faculty, or staff member.


The Tours section details how to sign up for a guided tour of MIT. There’s also a link to a self-guided tour map with directions to get you around campus.


The Emergency section has the phone numbers of important health and safety organizations on campus, as well as a link to more emergency information.


The Libraries module lets you see the hours and locations of libraries across campus. The “Search Libraries” feature lets you do catalog searches right from your phone. You can also read library news or link out to the full MIT libraries website.


With the MIT Mobile app, you can quickly scan all dining hall and retail dining locations on campus. View menus, dietary options, and hours for each location.

Building services

Report on-campus maintenance issues such as leaks, light outages, and more right from the mobile app.

QR reader

Easily scan QR codes with MIT’s QR reader.


The Links page has some of the most useful links for the MIT community, from The Tech and Technology Review to the MIT Homepage and MIT Connect.

Customize navigation

Customize the home page of the app with this handy tool. If you mainly use the Shuttles and Map sections of the app, for example, you can put them first by adding them to “My Favorites.”


You can change the font size here.


Pretty cool, right, for a freebie? Keep the MIT Mobile app at hand as your savvy guide to MIT.

If you have questions or need assistance with the app, send email to the IS&T Service Desk or call 617.253.1101. You can also submit a request online.