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Mobile Device Ninja Can Show You the Way
March 28, 2012

Did you know there’s a Ninja that can help you make the right connections in the mobile world? The Mobile Device Ninja lives in MIT's Knowledge Base and is ready to do your bidding.

If you’re trying to decide between Apple’s iOS, Android, the Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7, the Ninja offers a Platform Comparison Matrix. By surveying a checklist of options – such as MIT certificates, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and an app for the MIT Mobile Web – you can quickly see if the platform you’re considering has the features you need.

Once you’ve decided on a mobile platform, check out the Ninja Reviews for information on select devices. The Ninja has weighed in on about a dozen phones and tablets, along with some iPhone and iPad apps. Other reliable sources of product reviews include:

You can also contact IS&T’s Mobile Devices Team for advice.

When you’re ready to buy that tablet or phone, the Ninja defers to MIT’s Partner Vendors. To find out about mobile plans from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, head to IS&T’s Cellular Telephones: Plans page.

Go Configure
Ok, you’ve got your new device in hand. Now how do you configure it to connect to MIT’s Wi-Fi network, get a certificate, read your email, and protect your data? Return of the Ninja!

Click on the icon for the mobile platform you want to configure. The Ninja will reveal a page with links to instructions for setting up email and Exchange, Wi-Fi, passcode and remote wipe. There may also be a section on known issues.

If you need assistance at any point during configuration, the Ninja points you to IS&T’s Mobile Devices Team. They all work together to help smooth the way.

Be mobile – and may the Wi-Fi be with you!