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IS&T Human Resources (IST-HR): New Employee Orientation

New hires to IS&T are provided with a variety of practical tools and resources that focus on immersing new employees into the MIT/IS&T culture and environment. The following is a set of guidelines and recommendations for managers who are welcoming new staff to IS&T.

IS&T orientation

In addition to learning about MIT, new hires to IS&T will receive a local departmental orientation that consists of phased activities:

Prior to Starting

  • Hiring Manager contacts new employee to coordinate and discuss logistics (start time and location) prior to arrival.
  • Hiring Manager contacts appropriate Site Team Coordinator to organize computer, phone, telephone, keys, building pass, etc.
  • Hiring Manager requests Site Team Coordinator to schedule a 1:1 with the new employee on their first day to show them around the building, floors, etc.
  • IS&T-HR provides new employee with web address for MIT-HR New Employee Orientation site. This site will walk the new employee through the steps to sign up for email, benefits enrollment, parking or transit pass, as well as other benefits and services available to MIT employees.

First 1-2 Days

  • New employee is met by their new manager (or appropriate team member) at agreed-upon time and location. New employee is introduced to team members and other staff, as well as Site Coordinator who will ensure equipment and other related necessities are in place.
  • Designated Site Team member gives new employee a tour of the building and floors.
  • New employee visits the MIT ID Card Office in the Student Center, accompanied by one of their new teammates, or a member of IST-HR to acquire their new MIT ID.
  • New employee meets with IST-HR to receive a one-on-one consultation to review any questions as well as to complete on-boarding paperwork (I-9 as well as Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement), as well as answer any HR-related questions.
  • IS&T HR Representative reviews the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values with the new employee.

First Month

  • Hiring manager to provide new employee schedule of various meetings (key staff, stakeholders, clients, community members, etc.) for the first few weeks. These meetings are very important to develop relationships faster – and to help get the new employee up-and-running as quickly as possible.

First Six Months:

  • An additional follow-up survey is sent to the new employee after six months and again at twelve months. This survey asks a series of questions to gather feedback on the new employees first few weeks, the on-boarding experience, as well as any issues or areas of concern.

MIT orientation

This section contains information outlining the orientation process, information, tools and resources broadly related to the Institute and serves to compliment the process, information, tools and resources specific to IS&T.

  • MIT's New Employee Orientation website provides essential information for helping new hires with their orientation process.
  • Before You Start provides a checklist of activities to complete prior to the new hire's first day at MIT. Focusing on these activities prior to starting will ensure that a new hire's first days and weeks at MIT are as rewarding and productive as possible.
  • Your First Days highlights the "must dos" for all new employees at MIT to accomplish during their first week, from acquiring an MIT ID card to attending a new hire tour and reception.
  • As a new employee, you also are eligible for various benefits depending upon your employment status. Your Benefits offers multiple links for new employees to learn about benefits and the various options that are available.