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Email Forwarding Options at MIT

Start forwarding your email

You can have email that's sent to your MIT Kerberos (email) account forwarded to another account. You also have the option of having copies of your forwarded email messages sent to your MIT account (referred to as a "split mailbox"). To forward your email, do one of the following:

  • If you are familiar with the Athena Computing environment, see: Q: How can I forward my email to another address? and follow the instructions for having your email forwarded or for forwarding your email and receiving copies at your MIT account.
  • Contact MIT Kerberos Accounts and request to have your email forwarded and give the new email address. Be sure to specify if you want to have copies of your messages sent to your MIT email inbox.

It may take several hours for the forwarding to take effect.

Email forwarding for Alumni: Infinite Connection

Stop forwarding your email

If you want to stop the forwarding of your email, do one of the following: