Linux Support Statement

IS&T recognizes the demand for support from the Linux community at MIT.  The Linux operating system comes in multiple distributions, from different vendors, aimed at different usage models. Note: IS&T offers "best effort" support of Linux.

Ubuntu Linux (Debathena)

Debathena is available for all current versions of Ubuntu Linux on 32- and 64-bit Intel platforms. Ubuntu Linux itself comes in two different editions: standard and long-term support (LTS). Normally, a new version of Ubuntu is released each April and October, and each version is supported for 18 months from its release dates.  Every fourth release is an LTS release, which is supported for three years.

Ideal for: Desktop use; compatibility with the Athena environment

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Users who require minimal Athena compatibility or require a server environment with long-term support may wish to consider Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Operating system, install, and related issues are handled through the Service Desk. Support is provided on a "best effort" basis.

Ideal for: Server environments; software distributed in RPM format

Other Linux

So many versions of Linux exist that full support for all of them is not feasible. Recognizing the inherent similarities between certain distributions. For additional support, you may wish to turn to community resources such as the linux-help mailing list, or the IT Partners list.

Ideal for: Hobbyists; Linux developers