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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a utility that routes calls to available staff, known as agents, based on call-handling instructions programmed into the system.

  • Inbound calls can be routed based upon real-time conditions, route parameters, agent skills, and actual call volume within a contact center.
  • Agents can work from a static location (e.g., on campus), or be remote-based (e.g., work from home), and can use any phone to take calls (e.g., 5ESS, VoIP, cell phone, home phone).
  • Features include customizable wait messages, music on hold, agent chat, and real-time supervisory control, including statistics and alerts, as well as historical reports.

Rate and purchasing information

All requests for ACD service or changes in existing service should be coordinated with your department's Administrative Officer (AO). For more information about ACD service, contact the telephone client support representatives (617-253-4357).