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FileMaker User Group

The MIT FileMaker User Group (FMUG) was formed for people at MIT, from beginners to experts, who are using FileMaker Pro database software and related products.


FMUG hosts occasional meetings, generally scheduled between 12-1PM, that are open to all members of the MIT community. It has also hosts special events to which FMUG members and often other area user groups are invited. Join the FMUG Mailman list to learn about upcoming meeting and event dates and topics.

Below is a list of past meetings and topics covered. 

  • 05/16/2013: Tim Neudecker of KYOLogic - Virtual Lists 
  • 06/20/2012: 2nd Boston One-Day FileMaker Conference - Conversion, Charting and New Features in FileMaker 12
  • 01/26/2012: IAP Session - Sneak Preview of FileMaker 12 New Features
  • 10/13/2011: 1st Boston One-Day FileMaker Conference - Topics: User Interface and Design
  • 02/05/2010: Script Triggers

Note: MIT does not consider FileMaker an appropriate solution for systems with data that fall under the protection of certain Massachusetts regulations for "personal data." Contact or for guidance.

Mailing list

FMUG maintains an email list for meeting and event announcements, discussions, user queries and information of interest to FileMaker users. This list is open only to members of the MIT community. To join or remove yourself from the list, visit the FMUG Mailman list page.


Recommended guidelines on working with FileMaker in the MIT environment continue to evolve. A variety of services are offered through DCAD via the database services website. We strongly encourage you to follow the Top 11 Security Guidelines.


  • FileMaker maintains its own website and sponsors a free member organization, FileMaker TechNet, that provides access to white papers, upcoming release information, webinars, product information, updaters, templates, technical support articles, trial software, and the FileMaker Knowledge Base
  • FM Forums: User community forum with several categories of discussion threads
  • FileMaker Cafe: FileMaker online community