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FileMaker Pro: Training Classes and Resources

FileMaker Pro is a database tool that enjoys wide usage across the Institute by administrators who need to effectively manage their department's information. With FileMaker, administrators can build custom databases, create data entry forms to streamline the collection of data, and design reports that deliver timely information.

FileMaker Pro courses

The FileMaker Pro courses are modular and 3 hours long. Taken in the following sequence, the courses build on each other to provide  you with the skills you need to use, design, build, and maintain a FileMaker database that helps you manage and report on your department data. 

FileMaker 12 New Features
FileMaker Pro: Basics
FileMaker Pro: From Spreadsheet to Database

FileMaker Pro: Making Effective Layouts

FileMaker 12 New Features

Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: No fee
Prerequisite: none

FileMaker 12 introduces the first file format change since FileMaker 7. In this new features class, you will have a hands-on opportunity to explore the process of file conversion, new layout themes, changes to layout mode, how to create charts, the enhancements to merge fields, new window script triggers and the enhancements to container fields.

Register for FileMaker 12 New Features at the MIT Learning Center.

FileMaker Pro: Basics

Duration: 3 hours
Fee: No fee
Prerequisite: none

This class is designed for the person who has inherited a FileMaker database and needs to discover what data is stored in it, how to enter and update the data, and how to view and run reports of the data. This class will show you how to:

  • Use FileMaker's four modes: Browse, Find, Layout, and Preview
  • Navigate through the data records
  • View reports that have already been built in the database
  • Search for data by performing single and multiple criteria finds, use AND and OR searches, and reuse recent Finds
  • Add new records and update or delete existing records, including container fields
  • Sort records
  • Print records
  • Export records from a FileMaker database to an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF
  • Get started with the creation of new layouts

Register for FileMaker Pro: Basics at the MIT Learning Center.

Course Manual: FileMaker 11 Basics [PDF]

FileMaker Pro: From Spreadsheet to Database

Duration: 3 hours
No fee
Prerequisite: FileMaker Pro: Basics or equivalent knowledge level.

If you’ve reached the point where it’s too inefficient or difficult to maintain your data in spreadsheets, you should consider a FileMaker database solution. In FileMaker, you can store and share your data from one consistent source, simplify data input, control access to the data, and generate accurate and timely reports.  In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Convert an Excel spreadsheet to a FileMaker database 
  • Use FileMaker’s report Layout tools.
  • Choose the appropriate report type to communicate information clearly
  • Create and use Value Lists to optimize data input and ensure data consistency
  • Use FileMaker’s calculation tools and scripts
  • Understand when your data management needs might require a more complex,  multi-table solution

Register for FileMaker Pro: From Spreadsheet to Database at the MIT Learning Center.

FileMaker Pro: Making Effective Layouts

Duration: 3 hours
No Fee
Prerequisite: FileMaker Pro: Basics or FileMaker Pro: From Spreadsheet to Database

Effective screen layouts make it easier to view, add, and update data quickly and correctly. Effective report layouts ensure that reports communicate information clearly. This class will teach you how to create effective screen and report layouts. Specific topics include:

  • Creating sub-summary reports with breakout subtotals
  • Designing tabbed layouts
  • Using field options to control, validate, and monitor data
  • Using buttons, scripts, and script triggers
  • Use FileMaker’s Web Viewer tool to display web-based information

Register for FileMaker Pro: Making Effective Layouts at the MIT Learning Center.


  • Tutorial lessons and sample files
    Available with the software application (look for the folder English Extras within the Program Files (Windows) or Applications (Macintosh).  Within English Extras is a folder called Electronic Documentation which contains two pdfs:  the fmp10_tutorial and the fmp10_users_guide.  In the Tutorial Folder, a second copy of the tutorial pdf can be found as well as the sample file that goes with the tutorial.  Manuals and class files available for each of the courses
  • FileMaker 11 The Missing Manual, by Prosser and Gripman. 
    Available electronically via the MIT Libraries' VERA system. Specify "Safari" and then search on title.