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IS&T provided equipment:

  • Appropriate space in cabinets for server installation
  • Properly sized power cords to allow proper cooling
  • Properly sized Ethernet/UTP cords to allow proper cooling
  • CISCO 4948 48-port switch
How should we refer to your server? We'd like a name or phrase that is meaningful to you.
Provide a brief business/service description related to the server. You can point to an existing URL or other existing online documentation.
Provide a first and second choice for the hostname for each server you plan to install. If your server is already on MITnet and you'd like to continue to use the same hostname, provide the existing hostname(s) and current IP address(es). In some instances the servers will not be available until the next DNS update.
For redundancy purposes, all servers must have dual power supplies. Standard power will be made available. Special power requirements must be discussed prior to installation. We utilize standard 19" racks that can accommodate shelves. If your server cannot be installed using rail kits, a shelf will be utilized.
If you have a hardware service contract for your equipment, provide vendor name, phone, and coverage information.
Provide contact information for each authorized person (work/home/cell phone, pager, email). Include contact specifications or restrictions.
In particular, what procedure should we use if we need to shut down the server and are unable to contact you?
Include the contact information for the authorized person including work phone and email address.
We prefer a single annual payment with the annual contract period aligned with MIT's fiscal year.
Our standard turnaround time is within 5 business days.