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On the web

Websites must include the MIT logo with the IS&T logo. This combination is referred to as the  Equal Focus logo. Review all guidelines before adding Equal Focus logo to your website.


  • The MIT logo must have its own rollover state and link to
  • Your department’s name must have its own rollover state and link to your home page.
  • The vertical divider in between should be built using .css so that the 1-pixel-thick rule maintains its clarity regardless of browser size preference.

Clear space

The logo should be surrounded by clear space that does not contain text or graphic elements. The distance of this clear space should be equal to the the height of one "arc" piece of the "S" letterform.

Minimum size

To ensure legibility, the logo should not appear so small that the details are lost. The minimum size of the IS&T logo is 0.25 inches or 35 pixels high.