Windows Server Platforms

IS&T recommends that Windows users subscribe to the MIT Windows Automatic Update Service (MIT WAUS) to get the latest service packs and security patches. Visit the MIT WAUS web page for detailed instructions on how to subscribe.

IS&T supports DLCs joining the centrally maintained Windows Domain. Computers in are automatically subscribed to MIT WAUS.

Supported network configurations

Available network options are limited to DLCs with machines residing on an IS&T-provided and supported MITnet segment, where IP addresses and associated hostnames are centrally-issued and maintained through IS&T.

If your office meets any of the following criteria, contact us to discuss appropriate solutions:

  • Private (physical) subnet on or connected to MITnet
  • Private IP address range in the MITnet IP address range, issuing and maintaining its own IP addresses in that range
  • Private DNS subdomain under [*.], issuing and maintaining its own host names within that DNS subdomain
  • Private ISP (other than MIT/IS&T) to connect to the Internet, and has addresses outside of the MITnet IP address range
  • Machine is at an outside agency on a non-MIT network
  • Individual DLC computer is located on a private ISP other than MIT/IS&T

Note: There are options available for home and roaming/mobile computers running a supported Windows operating system that do not allow for a blanket support statement. Contact us for more information.

Central domain forms