Request a Domain Container

Request a container in MIT's central Windows domain, WIN.MIT.EDU. Containers are used by departmental IT staff to manage groups of Windows machines. MIT's central domain integrates with MIT's Kerberos name space for handling user accounts and passwords, and provides seamless access to many other MIT resources.

Step 1: Tell us what you need

Choose one of the options below (A, B, or C) that describes your situation:

Option A: New Project
You are new to the WIN.MIT.EDU domain and would like to begin using containers to maintain your machines, or you have a new project and would like to discuss whether WIN.MIT.EDU is the right solution for it.

Option B: New Container Administrators
You have already discussed your Windows administration requirements with IS&T and are very familiar with the capabilities and limitations of MIT's central Windows domain. All you need to get started is your first container.

Option C: Current Administrators
You are already a container administrator in the WIN.MIT.EDU domain and would like another container.