To reduce the amount of spam coming into our inboxes, IS&T has put filters in place on MIT's email system via the Microsoft O365 service.

Most malware attacks occur through a combination of spam and compromised web pages. Interacting with spam can put your personal information at risk as well as download a virus to your machine that may spread to other computers on the network.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

  • Spam message quarantine for each user: Spam quarantine catches most spam and deletes it after 30 days; you can release false positives from quarantine.
  • A spam summary is sent to your inbox on days that there are newly-quarantined items to report.
  • Prevent spammers by adding them to a Bad Senders list; ensure that valid email always gets through via your Good Senders list.


MIT personal certificate

Getting started

Access settings and filtered mail