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Residential Computing at MIT: Personal SIP Accounts

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What is Personal SIP?
Who can Have a P-SIP Account?
Supported Features in the P-SIP Beta
Using Your P-SIP Account
Support for P-SIP Accounts
Making Outgoing Calls

What is Personal SIP?

Personal SIP is an IS&T service currently in beta. It is associated with the Kerberos username that you establish when you arrive at MIT. Activating your account also provides you an MIT phone number that you will keep though your stay at MIT. You can receive voicemail in your MIT email inbox or forward that phone number to your cell phone or any other telephone.

This service is not intended to be a telephone or VoIP solution. While the list of supported features for Personal SIP Accounts is fairly small, the service is built to follow SIP standards and can be used with a number of SIP related software packages to place and receive calls over the internet. Please remember, IS&T does not support these software packages or setting them up. For help configuring or using your personal SIP Account, fill out a request with the Residential Computing Consultants.

Who can Have a Personal SIP Account?

As mentioned above, this service is currently in beta. That means that there is limited support available from IS&T. This does not mean that it's availability is limited. Anyone can activate their Personal SIP Account by going to the Personal SIP Account activation page. Personal SIP Accounts have been automatically activated for students living in NW35, Burton-Conner (W51), MacGregor (W61) and Kappa Alpha Theta house, formerly Green Hall (W5).

Supported Features in the Personal SIP Beta

The service consists of a few parts:

  • A unique SIP address (typically looks the same as your email address:
  • An phone number. This is an alias to your SIP Account.
  • Automatic voicemail-to-email forwarding to your MIT email inbox
  • A web based utility to configure your Account options.

Using Your Personal SIP Account

Instructions for using your Personal SIP Account can be found at the IS&T Personal SIP website. The following links provide helpful instructions for supported tasks.

Support for Personal SIP Accounts

Support for configuring or using the above features is offered through the Residential Computing Consultants. Please remember that the RCCs cannot at this time offer official support on configuring soft-phone clients, calling other voice over IP users or using any other SIP-based software. There is a community wiki available that has some information on how to configure a soft-phone and other unsupported actions. Contributions to this wiki space are welcomed.

Making Outgoing Calls

There is software available that allows Personal SIP Accounts to be used for voice communication similar to Skype (Skype itself will not work with P-SIP.) IS&T does not support setting up or using this software. Personal SIP Accounts cannot be used to make calls to off-campus phone numbers.

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