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Protect your electronic devices from theft and your data from unauthorized access if lost or stolen.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Each year MIT sees a steady increase in items stolen from campus including desktop and laptop computers, computer accessories, e.g., hard drives, mobile devices, and phones. As an urban campus that is open to the public, it is easy for thieves to gain access to buildings and areas where we store or use these electronics.

With a little bit of time and low cost, you can protect your computer or mobile device from theft by utilizing the following services:

  • STOP Tags
  • Desk cables and locks
  • Data protection through full disk encryption


STOP Tags are FREE.

Cables and locks are provided through departmental Site Teams or at a discounted rate through MIT's preferred vendor.

Getting started

STOP Tags and other theft deterrents: STOP Tags are provided on a monthly basis by the IS&T Service Desk and MIT Campus Police.

Learn more about full disk encryption data protection.