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Web Publishing Training Classes and Resources

IS&T offers dozens of on-line courses on web design, html, Dreamweaver, Flash and graphics through  If you are interested in instructor-led classes on web design, we recommend CompuWorks of Boston.  

Until 2013, IS&T offered a program of in-house classes on web publishing. While that program has been discontinued, the PDF training guides developed for it may still be of help to MIT's web maintainers, and are offered below.

Training Guide for Web Publishing: Basics 1

The Web Publishing: Basics 1  training guide may help those who are new to site maintenance. Topics include:

  • Create a site definition and connect to an Athena locker
  • Upload and download files
  • Make edits to Events, Directory, Research, and Bio pages
  • See how styles and templates affect a page and site
  • Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them

Training Guide for Web Publishing: Basics 2

The Web Publishing Basics 2  training guide offers lessons on using the Dreamweaver Code view to  create HTML pages that include basic elements such as:

  • Headings, paragraphs, bulleted lists, and other basic text elements
  • Images
  • Links
  • Upload files to Athena for access from web browsers
  • Format page elements using Cascading Style Sheets
  • Examine MIT websites to identify HTML elements
  • Review MIT and non-MIT resources for help and further learning

Training Guide for Web Publishing: Basics 3

The Web Publishing Basics 3 training guide offers help on how to assemble web pages into a working web site with navigation links using the graphical editor in Dreamweaver and manual coding techniques. Hands on lessons will show you how to work with Cascading Stylesheets through point and click dialog box and panels and how to apply CSS properties to HTML elements to format:

  • Font color, size and typeface
  • Centering
  • Background page color

Training Guide for Web Publishing: Intermediate 1

The Web Publishing: Intermediate 1 training guide shows you how to create reusable Dreamweaver templates to quickly generate web pages. This class also will teach you how to use Cascading Stylesheets to apply CSS properties to:

  • Add background images
  • Add borders
  • Add padding and margin
  • Position elements on a page
  • Create rollover buttons for navigation system
  • Apply the Box model to web page elements
  • Examine stylesheets associated with MIT websites
  • Review MIT and non-MIT resources for help and further learning

Training Guide for Web Publishing Intermediate 2

The Web Publishing: Intermediate 2 training guide is aimed at web maintainers interested in learning more advanced techniques. Topics covered in class will show you how to:

  • Create a menu structure using an unordered list
  • Layout a web page in a three column format using divs and the Float property
  • Consider MIT standards in the design of web pages
  • Examine MIT web sites for design features
  • Create a Print stylesheet
  • Review MIT and non-MIT resources for help and further learning

Training Guide for Introduction to Wikis

The materials in Introduction to Wikis at MIT may be helpful for those who need to use and manage wikis. A wiki is a collection of web pages assembled and edited by more than one person. Wiki pages may be related to teaching and research or to team and project work. At MIT we use Confluence, a popular enterprise wiki application. This Quick Start class will demonstrate how to navigate wiki spaces and pages, create and edit wiki content, upload attachments, and administer wiki spaces. New capabilities of the most recent deployment will be featured.

  • How wikis are organized - spaces and pages
  • Navigation, searching and tagging
  • Creating, editing and printing wiki content
  • Working with attachments
  • Tracking page changes
  • Adding calendar, to do list, and search box
  • Administering a wiki space, setting permissions

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