The IT Governance Committee (ITGC) recently chartered a Software Portfolio Planning Subcommittee to create and help coordinate a sustainable governance model to address how decisions are made throughout the lifecycle of software products and services within the IS&T portfolio. This includes analyzing community requirements; funding, procurement planning; implementation; acceptable use guidelines; ongoing management controls, and retirement of software and services. As part of the emerging governance process IS&T is providing the ability to submit requests for procurement for software.

After receiving your request the Software Portfolio Planning Subcommittee will evaluate and make a funding recommendation to the ITGC within 90 days. Please contact the Subcommittee if you have any questions.

All funding recommendations are made with long term financial sustainability in mind. The status of requests will be tracked and reported on this web page by IS&T. Many criteria are taken into account in the evaluation of new software requests - including cost, the level of broad community benefit (if community oriented), level of demand, alignment with technology acquisition principles, licensing options, risk, data security, as well as savings gained elsewhere (e.g., by removing other software).