A course locker is a special directory for course materials in our central filesystem (AFS). Course lockers are used for storing all kinds of academic course data, including data for use by students running programs. Use this form to request a new course locker or request modifications to an existing one.

Class Web Pages
Stellar, MIT's web-based learning management system, provides the easiest way to publish online class materials. Stellar also supports class sections, allows online homework collection, and has a built-in discussion board. Request a Stellar Website.

Faculty or instructional staff who prefer to create a class web site manually can request an Athena course locker using this form. Course lockers come with a www directory that is pre-configured to allow publishing under web.mit.edu, e.g., http://web.mit.edu/(subject number)/www/.

For modifications (e.g., access permission change) fill in ALL required fields and use the Description of intended use field to provide information needed to process your request.
You must have an Athena username to request an Athena locker.
List the Kerberos usernames of each person needing administrative (read/write) access to the locker. These usernames will be put into a group and will be self-administered. Instructions for changing the membership of this group may be found in the Course Locker Maintenance Guide.