AdminDocs: AKA Field - Tips

The Amazing AKA Field

The AKA field was added to the Software Version content type in order to improve searching on the Software Grid. The Search field on the Grid is now pointed to the AKA field instead of the Title field. This gives us increased flexibility in how we display search results.

At a minimum, the AKA field contains the title of the software. Additionally, we can add other terms to the field to aid users with searching. We can provide alternate search terms that include what users might call a software package (a.k.a) versus the official title of that software package.

Gentle Guidance, or, Tips

  • Do not include "Mac", "MacIntosh", "Win", "Windows", or "Linux" even if it is officially part of the software package title. Why? Well if someone enters “mac” in the search field, they’ll miss all the software that might be for a Mac but has “for all platforms” in its title. This was a problem before we switched how the grid searches, but strategic use of the AKA field allows us to have more control over searching problems like this. Plus, we already have a "What platform?" search filter.
  • Do not include "32-bit" and "64-bit" even if it is officially part of the software package title. Why? See above.
    • Note: We may eventually add a separate 32-bit and 64-bit filter to the grid.
  • Do not add additional keywords if those terms are already part of the title.  For example, there’s no need to add the term “brio” because the word “brioquery” already contains “brio”. However, for something like X-win, we need to add “xwin” because of the dash.
  • Do not add category-related keywords (examples: "security" or "authentication") that might cause false negatives and may cause maintenance problems in the future. The more broad the search terms become, the more room for error there is as time goes on. For example, if we have a software package to which we assign the AKA term "authentication" and in the future add another authentication-type of software, we'll need to go back and compare the two version pages and make sure we are using a parallel set of AKA terms.  Plus, we already have a "What's it for?" search filter.