Schedule an IS&T Conference Room in Exchange

When you are creating a meeting request, be sure to include both the recipients and resources as invitees.

All IS&T staff have "Reviewer" access to IS&T resources – conference rooms and equipment.

Review the Free/Busy information of all invitees, including the resource, to determine availability before sending meeting invitations.

  • If an invited resource is free, you will receive an email from the resource accepting the meeting.
  • If the resource is already reserved, you will receive an email declining the meeting. A declined email means the meeting organizer will need to find a new timeslot for the meeting or, look at the availability of another resource. Since a resource may not be available, it is important/recommended that the meeting organizers check the Free/Busy information of all invitees, including resources, before sending the meeting invitation.

Important: Invitees need to accept or decline all meeting invitations. If they are left in your Inbox, without acknowledgement, you may not receive updates (time or location changes) which could result in missed meetings.

The IS&T Site Team can also reserve resources upon request, which will require less monitoring of daily calendaring activities. For help using Exchange calendaring, see: Exchange Calendaring Help.