And the Back-to-School raffle winners are…
September 9, 2022
Phil Johnson
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A pair of headphones, a rectangular mouse pad, and a portable phone charger, each with the M-I-T logo on it. They are on a wall with the main entrance to M-I-T at 77 Massachusetts Avenue in the background. Overlayed in the corner is a red seal and the words Congrats to the winners of I-S and T's back to school raffle.
Image: Phil Johnson

Thanks to all of the MIT students who entered Information Systems and Technology’s (IS&T) Back-to-School raffle this year.

462 MIT students entered for a chance to win a great prize to celebrate the start of the new school year. We are pleased to announce that the winners are… (drum roll, please):

  • Hannah Shumway - Bluetooth headphones
  • Johan Maysonet - Wireless mouse pad charger
  • Ken Yaguchi - Power bank set
  • Nancy Cheng - $50 in TechCASH

Congratulations to all of the winners! Check your MIT email for instructions from us about claiming your prize.

Because everybody at MIT loves numbers, here are a few raffle-related stats:

  • 1,416 total entries were generated, an average of 3.1 per student.
  • 40 students earned the maximum number of 10 entries.
  • The number of raffle entrants by class was as follows:
    • 111 - Class of 2026
    • 66 - Class of 2025
    • 67 - Class of 2024
    • 52 - Class of 2023
    • 166 - Graduate students

Students tagged fellow MIT students 826 times on social media posts about the raffle, earning the taggers additional raffle entries.

Remember, if you have questions about anything IT-related at MIT, you can contact IS&T’s Service Desk for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have a great year, everyone!