Improvements are coming to the MATLAB license renewal process
February 5, 2019
Image: MathWorks

You'll have a much easier time renewing your annual MATLAB license this year. Rather than going through multiple steps, Information Systems and Technology (IS&T), in collaboration with MathWorks, has streamlined the renewal process. This year, you’ll be able to log in to the MATLAB Campus Portal through the IS&T MATLAB page and simply click one button to renew. No key required!

Touchstone authentication will soon be required to get or renew your MATLAB license. The new system is expected to be made available the week of March 4, 2019. Both new and existing users will have access to the current MIT license through the MATLAB Campus Portal which is available through the IS&T MATLAB page.

Getting started

The new MATLAB Campus Portal provides some free learning resources, including online tutorials.

Visit the IS&T MATLAB page for full information on licensing and acquiring the software through MIT.

You can learn more about using MATLAB via the MATLAB landing page in the IS&T Knowledge Base.

If you have questions about activating MATLAB with MIT’s license, or using the software, contact MathWorks Technical Support directly.