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IT Security covers a range of areas beyond the scope of protecting your computer and the MIT network from unauthorized access. Various other services fall under the vast "realm" of IT Security.


MIT's Stopit program follows up on harassment and uncivil behavior experienced in-person or via the MIT network and using IT resources provided by MIT. Misuse or abuse can include harassment via email or instant messaging and inappropirate spamming or language on web pages. While IS&T is the in-take point for such complaints (when sent to, they may be handled by any of the other partners in the program, including the Ombuds Office, Division of Student Life, MIT Police, and Human Resources.

Copyright and DMCA

MIT receives copyright infringement notices from copyright holders on a regular basis in response to DMCA (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). To follow up on alleged infringement occurring on the MIT network, MIT has a designated DMCA agent on the IT Security Systems & Services team. Copyright infringement is by Institute policy not tolerated on the MIT network; however, MIT does not disclose personal information on any alleged infringers to complainants unless legally required to do so.

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IS&T policies cover the appropriate use of computer systems, networks, and information resources at MIT. All users of these facilities, including technology developers, end users, and resource administrators, are expected to be familiar with these policies and the consequence of violation. These policies are coordinated through the IT Security Team but are owned and approved by policy owners and the VP of IS&T.

Information protection @ MIT

Protecting sensitive data at MIT is the responsibility of the entire community. Improper disclosure of sensitive data can cause harm and embarrassment to students, faculty, and staff, and immeasurable damage to the image and reputation of the Institute. It is in everyone's interest to ensure that the Institute's sensitive data is appropriately protected. More about this topic as well as many resources to protect sensitive information can be found on the Information Protection @ MIT website.