Working at the Service Center can be a rewarding experience for students
January 17, 2017
Jess Archer
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Photo: Phil Johnson

What is it like to be a student worker – aka BeaverTech – at the Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) Service Center? Senior Lia Bogoev, who’s worked as a BeaverTech for a few semesters, shares her experiences.

Getting the job

“I had some IT background,” she explains, “from when I took time off from MIT. I got a job at a computer lab at Utah State, in my hometown. Much of that job involved sitting at a desk and swiping people into the lab. I didn’t have projects to work on or a lot of influence.”

While this assignment helped Bogoev when applying to work for IS&T, prospective BeaverTechs don’t need to worry about prior job experience. The key requirements are good communication and technical skills.

When she returned to MIT to continue her studies, Bogoev applied for a BeaverTech post and was delighted when she got the job. “I was assigned to work for the Service Desk’s call center,” Bogoev says. “I knew that most of my time would be on the phones.”

Being heard

 “Later,” she recalls, “I expressed an interest in moving to the Service Desk’s walk-in center. I like working with people and, in my opinion, it’s a lot easier to get things done face to face.” The Service Center staff listened and she was reassigned. “I enjoyed being able to interact with community members in person,” she says.

Freedom to branch out

At the Service Center, Bogoev was encouraged to pursue her interests and help with related initiatives. “I not only provided tech support, I was also able to assist with the Back-to-School effort summer of 2015,” she says. “I helped make videos to promote our roll-out of Duo two-factor authentication. I worked at satellite service desks and laptop tagging during the events as well.”

She also got to take part in the student hiring process. “We decided to develop our internal student worker resources and the onboarding process. I helped determine what we were looking for in student consultants. We went to Harvard and Boston College to check out the student programs and hiring process at their IT service centers. That helped me create a handbook for current and prospective BeaverTechs.”

Another BeaverTech, Stephanie O’Brien, had a similar experience in getting to branch out: she helped create the BeaverTech website.

Valuable experience

Bogoev says that, overall, the BeaverTech job was great. She gained well-rounded IT experience and got a taste of what it’s like to work in a professional, team-based atmosphere. “I have fond memories of our meetings,” she says. “The full-time employees made us feel like we were part of the team. They took our suggestions seriously and treated us like adults. You really can’t ask for more in a student job.”

MIT students interested in working for the Service Desk now, this summer, or next academic year are encouraged to apply; applications are considered in the order in which they’re received. To learn more, go to the BeaverTech homepage; to apply for a job, head to the hiring page.