What Runs Where on Athena

URL: http://ist.mit.edu/software/athena/whereruns

Major Applications

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In the debathena release, users have the option of installing any Ubuntu package temporarily (on public cluster machines) or permanently (on private workstation machines). See the aptitude and synaptic entries for instructions.

Much of the listed software is in the debathena-thirdparty metapackage (which is installed by default on public cluster Athena machines). You will need to have it installed to have access to all the listed software.

Much of this software is commercial and is only licensed to authorized users of the MIT Athena Computing Environment.

You can access Athena remotely.

Software in the outland and consult lockers and some others is unsupported and supplied "as is". It may be moved or deleted at any time with little or no advance notice.

Report bugs in Athena software with the sendbug command. You may want to check with Athena consultants or consult Tips for Using Athena Software to make sure it really is a bug first.

Major applications

 Abaqus abaqus software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering



  standard UNIX text editor; local online docs



  standard Athena GUI mail client; user guide



  standard Athena Web browser



  Office suite; Drawing, HTML Editor, Presentation Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Database

 maple, mint


  symbolic math system; local Web page



  symbolic math system

 matlab, simulink     


  digital signal processing & data analysis system; local Web page, online docs for latest release, FAQ



  statistical analysis and graphics system



  statistical analysis system; local Web page



  statistical analysis system



  data plotting system; local Web page

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