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SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0.1 for 64-bit Windows is licensed for use by MIT faculty and staff, not students, for academic and research purposes only.

alert icon  Important:

  • Files saved in SOLIDWORKS 2018 are not backwards compatible with earlier versions.
  • Files saved in earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS can be opened and reviewed with later versions.
  • Students using earlier releases of SOLIDWORKS will not be able to open any files saved in 2018.

How to Obtain


Click the Download button on this page (MIT certificate required).


SOLIDWORKS 2018: Installation instructions


About this Version 

SOLIDWORKS is solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) software that runs on 64-bit Microsoft Windows.

MIT-licensed SOLIDWORKS Premium components:
  • Composer
  • Composer Path Planning
  • Electrical
  • Flow Electronic Cooling
  • Flow HVAC
  • Flow Simulation
  • Plastics Premium
  • Simulation Premium

Contact Software Distribution with questions about obtaining this software.