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Windows 7 reached end of life support on January 14, 2020 and devices stopped receiving Windows updates. Extended support is available for these devices in order to continue to receive updates until January 10, 2023. More information on this is available at Microsoft. Devices should be upgraded to Windows 10 as soon as possible or removed / isolated from the network if an upgrade is not possible due to lab equipment or other requirements. This key should be seen as a temporary measure.

How to Obtain


The Windows 7 Extended Security Update is for use by MIT faculty and staff.


Faculty and staff may request the ESU key via the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates request form. Note: The key is only valid for Windows 7 devices with an MIT asset tag and should not be shared.


Documentation on installation will be provided with the key upon approval.


While you may use this key to extend updates it should only serve as a short term measure. Updates will only be provided until the end of 2022 whereupon Microsoft will no longer provide patches.