Network Connectivity for MIT Guests

IS&T offers short-term network service to campus guests. Guests are allowed up to fourteen days of network service when they register on the wired MIT network (MITnet). To get their personal machine connected to the MIT network, campus visitors need to have a computer that can connect to either an Ethernet cable or to the wireless network.


For wired connections, plug the Ethernet cable into the computer and to an MITnet network drop. The drop will likely have a green MITnet sticker.

The machine must be configured for DHCP (obtaining an IP address automatically). Many machines come with their network cards configured for DHCP by default.

Once the equipment is ready to connect, open a web browser and point it to any web page. A page will appear, prompting to select your registration option. After selecting Visitor registration, the returned page will display the MITnet Rules of Use, followed by a screen requesting the visitor's contact information, number of days of connectivity, and the event for which they are on campus.

Visitors can register between one and five (consecutive) days at a time, up to fourteen days per year. The network connection takes about ten minutes to activate, and remains active for the number of days selected.

New students arriving on campus can still set up their machines with permanent access. See DHCP Services at MIT for instructions. Alumni also have their own network registration area, similar to that for campus visitors.


For wireless connections, visitors need to make sure the wireless card is on and enabled. Select MIT GUEST as the wireless network option. A connection will occur without registration. There is no limit to the number of days a visitor can use the MIT GUEST wireless network.