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About IS&T

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IS&T provides information technology (IT) systems and services that support MIT’s education, research, and administrative programs. While working to modernize these systems, IS&T is also collaborating with faculty, staff, and students on innovative IT services to meet the diverse needs of the MIT community.

The focus is now on “platform-based” models designed to create and connect ecosystems of diverse participants as producers and consumers of services. Our goal is to leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to help faculty create new systems for teaching and research; students to securely create new applications; and staff to feel better supported while also being able to develop applications that address specific needs.

The department’s new operating model, based on agile, iterative experimentation, is central to enabling these IT innovations and improved administrative systems. To find out more about IS&T’s transformation and current proof-of-concept projects, visit the Future of IT@MIT website. To reach out about opportunities to collaborate, send mail to

IS&T offers a robust portfolio of IT services. You can explore these offerings in the Services section of our website.