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About IS&T

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We’re here for one reason — to support MIT’s mission “to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.”

We accomplish this by providing the technical resources, services, and support to help everyone at MIT work smarter, faster, and safer. From helping professors collaborate on research, to helping students get the software they need for class, to helping protect MIT’s network from cyber attacks, IS&T is the information technology backbone that supports the university.

To learn about how we can help you, please check out our services and the rest of the site.

Fast facts

  • Our campus network, MITnet, is one of the largest and fastest of its kind in the world
  • The MIT Regional Optical Network is a 2,500-mile optical ring that connects Boston, New York City, and approximately ten other locations
  • 40,000 devices access MITnet regularly
  • There are 4,000 wireless access points across campus
  • The Stellar course management system currently houses more than 930 sites containing course materials, assignments, and other class activities
  • Around 90 percent of MIT students arrive on campus with a laptop or mobile device
  • Of the 1.6 million emails MIT students, faculty and staff collectively receive each day, 1.1 million are spam
  • MIT students, faculty, and staff send out about 240,000 emails each day