IRS Phone Scam Alert:

Mass State Police DO NOT call people to demand back taxes on behalf of the IRS.

It's Certificate Renewal Time

Your personal web certificate obtained over the past year will expire on July 31. Renew it today -- and be sure to use CertAid.

Account Deactivation

Leaving MIT? If so, your MIT Kerberos account will be deactivated in January, and you won't be able to access MITnet.

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Certificates let you access data, use MIT’s online services and applications, and browse the web safely. Get yours today.

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Access a huge library of online training videos on hundreds of topics, free, at lynda.mit.edu. And learn about what on-campus and online training services IS&T offers.

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Renew your digital certificates before they expire on July 31.

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A new vulnerability could allow non-root users to run arbitrary commands as root.

spear fishing scuba gear

Beware of spear-phishing scams, which use personal information to try and trick you into providing confidential data or transferring funds.

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Make computing on the road safer and easier by doing these quick (and free) things.

A sample phishing email

Scammers are getting smarter. Learn how to identify and avoid phishing attempts with these tips.