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Wanted: Hard-working students to fill key roles at IS&T. Student jobs start at $14/hour. Apply today.

Staying Secure on Campus

The IS&T Security Operations Team plays a key role on campus, delivering tools, infrastructure, services, and consulting that help the community do its work securely.

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Our laptop and desktop recommendations are based on the work you do and the portability you need.

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Certificates let you access data, use MIT’s online services and applications, and browse the web safely. Get yours today.

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Access a huge library of online training videos on hundreds of topics, free, at And learn about what on-campus and online training services IS&T offers.

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MIT community members can now use their existing credentials to connect to eduroam, a secure, worldwide WiFi service that provides members with access to networks at thousands of educational and research institutions in the U.S. and over 50 countries.

IS&T provides information technology (IT) services that make it easy for the MIT community to do its work. To keep the community informed, IS&T publishes news about its offerings through spotlights, headlines, and videos.