Get Started with IT at MIT

Incoming students: IS&T has a step-by-step computing guide to get you up and running before, during, and after your arrival at MIT.

Help with Hardware Purchases

Our laptop and desktop recommendations are based on the work you do and the portability you need.

Tech Tips for Travelers

Take a few steps to prepare your computer and smartphone for your travels abroad.

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Certificates let you access data, use MIT’s online services and applications, and browse the web safely. Get yours today.

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Access a huge library of online training videos on hundreds of topics, free, at lynda.mit.edu. And learn about what on-campus and online training services IS&T offers.

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laptop with stop tag

Headed to the Computing @ MIT event on Tuesday, September 4? Bring along your laptop or tablet and get it tagged for free.

MIT student in Lobby 10 looking at her laptop

Find out about the free software and cloud-based services MIT offers and where you can get them.

video conference image

Changes are coming to what you’ll see when you connect to your next conference call via Webex.

Computing @ MIT event sign

IS&T invites new and returning students to two events for IT help and to get free stuff!

Sign with the words Computer Security

What you need to do to be digitally secure at MIT.