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Campus Preview Weekend: April 16-19

Prefrosh students: Get a taste of life at MIT! IS&T participates in this annual event sponsored by Admissions. Navigate campus with the MIT Mobile App.

Cambridge Science Festival: April 17-26

Taking curiosity to a new level, this multifaceted, multicultural festival celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math.

Phishing Alert! E-Z Pass Virus Spam

A series of fake E-Z Pass virus spam emails are circulating, claiming that you owe money for driving on a toll road.

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QuickBase on three devices

Intuit QuickBase is now available to the MIT community. This cloud-based workspace lets users build customizable database applications and web forms. Reserve your space at an upcoming demo!

SolidWorks is now available at no cost to MIT faculty, staff, and students for academic and research purposes. This 3D CAD software for designing models runs on Microsoft Windows.