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IS&T is organized around three capability groupings: Emerging Solutions, Enabling Services, and Planning & Administration. This structure reflects IS&T’s adoption of an agile operating model.

Organization Chart - Staff (PDF)

The practice of agile experimentation — think big, start small, fail fast, iterate rapidly — is key to enabling innovation. This new way of working together allows IS&T to quickly gather the collective knowledge and points of view of cross-functional innovation teams and successfully incorporate input during system development.

While working to modernize the IT systems that support MIT’s administrative services and educational enterprise, IS&T also collaborates with the MIT community to develop and innovate IT services in response to its diverse and specialized needs.

Emerging Solutions

Eamon Kearns, Senior Director

This group collaborates with teams across MIT to develop new systems solutions, employing holistic and integrated approaches to transform business outcomes for administrative and student systems. These efforts increase the responsiveness of IS&T (and IT@MIT ecosystem providers) to community needs and enhance MIT’s overall capacity for innovation. Emerging Solutions consists of two teams: Community Partnerships and Platform Engagement.

Enabling Services

Mark Silis, Associate VP of IS&T

This group provides enabling services to support the needs of the MIT community. It is responsible for rapid deployment of new IT services in the IT@MIT ecosystem and for ongoing operations, support and security of all IS&T IT systems and services. These efforts encompass IT infrastructure, continuing operations, customer support services, and security. Enabling Services consists of six teams: Infrastructure Operations, Security, Service & Process Coordination, Platform & Systems Integration, Provider & Consumer Partnerships, and Infrastructure Design & Engineering.

Planning & Administration

Diana Hughes, Senior Director

This group provides project- and portfolio-management and support services, workforce planning, and financial and administrative support services for the Emerging Solutions and Enabling Services groups. Planning & Administration improves consistency and efficiency in the operational processes supporting IS&T. The Planning & Administration group consists of four teams: Project & Portfolio Management, Business Logistics, Digital Communications, and Administration.

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