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This software is licensed for use by MIT students, faculty, and staff for class instruction or academic research.

How to obtain

Download and Installation

Click the Download button on this page. (MIT certificate required)

The Abaqus 2017 download is a package that includes the following software:


Note: A shared license pool of 1000 Analysis and 70 CAE tokens is available.

About this Version 

fe-safe is fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models.

  • Directly interfaces to all leading FEA suites
  • Used by leading companies in the transport and mobility, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing, power generation, marine and offshore industries worldwide to determine fatigue life and optimize designs
  • Analyzes metals, elastomers, thermo-mechanical and creep fatigue and employs the Verity® structural stress method or the fatigue analysis of welded joints
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