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Kerberos for Windows (KfW) 4.1 is available for use by MIT faculty, staff, and students.

How to Obtain


If you are unsure which version you are running, find out here.



Known issues

  • When upgrading from KfW 3.2, the krb5.ini file is archived as krb-ini-prekfw4 and is stored in the Windows folder. A new krb5.ini is created by the installer. If the previous krb5.ini contained realms other than ATHENA.MIT.EDU, WIN.MIT.EDU, and CSAIL.MIT.EDU, they will need to be manually added to the new krb5.ini.
  • When you change your password, MIT Kerberos for Windows does not confirm that the change has been completed.
About this Version 

MIT Kerberos for Windows (KfW) 4.1 is an integrated Kerberos release for Microsoft Windows operating systems.