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Mathematica is licensed for use by MIT students, faculty, and staff on MIT-owned and personal machines.
Note: Lincoln Lab and the Whitehead Institute employees are not covered by MIT's license.

How to Obtain

alert icon   Important: New installations are unavailable until the license renewal process is complete. Current users may continue using this software through July 31. MIT is actively working with the vendor to renew the license as soon as possible. This message will be updated when new licenses are available.

Licensing and Download (MIT certificate required)

Use your mit.edu email address to request a current activation key from the Wolfram website via the link below.




  • Wolfram's Notebook Archive, is an open repository for sharing and accessing your Wolfram Notebook projects. This archive provides a permanent, central location for browsing and downloading notebooks, interacting with content through the Wolfram Cloud and hosting your own project materials.
About this Version 

Mathematica provides a single integrated, continually expanding system that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing—and with Mathematica Online, it is now seamlessly available in the cloud through any web browser, as well as natively on all modern desktop systems.

Note: Mathematica 11.3 for Linux no longer supports 32-bit Linux but is compatible with most 64-bit Linux distributions. Mathematica users at your site who are running a 32-bit version of Linux can continue to use Mathematica 11.2. The installer for Mathematica 11.2 will remain in the Wolfram User Portal,

Complete list of supported Linux distributions and system requirements