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Request an IP Address/Host Name

Obtaining an IP address and hostname for a device connected to MITnet differs depending on where the device will be located -- in a dorm, an independent living group, an on-campus office on a private network, or an on-campus office directly connected to MITnet.

Before submitting a request for a specific IP address/hostname, check whether the hostname is already taken on MITnet. Learn more about IP addresses, hostnames, and domain names.

Request IP addresses/host names

Hosting services: If you are interested in a hostname for use with an MIT hosting service (e.g., Drupal Cloud ( or SIPB’s Scripts service (, please contact those services directly. Using this form for either of those services will delay processing of your request by 2-3 business days.

Dorms: Follow the networking in the dorms instructions. Dorm IP address requests are handled by the RCCs (Residential Computing Consultants).

Fraternities, Sororities, Independent Living Groups (FSILGs): Follow the FSILG network instructions. Your ILG's Network Administrator assigns IP addresses within your house.

Private networks: Certain on-campus offices are served by private networks. Examples include the Media Lab, Chemistry (LMS), the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). IP addresses for private networks are handled by the department's network administrator or computer support staff.

On-campus offices served by MITnet Request 1-4 IP addresses online or via email.

If you are requesting by email, be sure to include ALL the following information for each machine that requires an IP address:

  • Machine vendor
  • Model
  • Operating system
  • Location
  • Machine contact person
  • Billing contact person
  • Two suggested hostnames
  • Institute cost object (account number) for tracking purposes

Information must be complete and submitted in either plain text or Microsoft Excel format.

Tip: If all the machines have similar characteristics (for example, if they are PCs running Windows 7) you can mention that once in your request, rather than repeating it for each machine.

If you need help regarding IP addresses, host names, or connecting devices to MITnet in an on-campus office, contact the Service Desk.