Request an IP Address/Host Name

Obtaining an IP address and hostname for a device connected to MITnet differs depending on where the device will be located -- in a dorm, an independent living group, an on-campus office on a private network, or an on-campus office directly connected to MITnet.

Before submitting a request for a specific IP address/hostname, check whether the hostname is already taken on MITnet.

Request IP addresses/host names

On-campus offices and housing served by MITnet: Request an IP address online or via email. If you need assistance, contact the Service Desk.

Fraternities, Sororities, Independent Living Groups (FSILGs): Follow the FSILG network instructions. Your ILG's Network Administrator assigns IP addresses within your house.

Private networks: Certain on-campus offices are served by private networks, e.g., The Media Lab, Chemistry (LMS), CSAIL. IP addresses for private networks are handled by departmental network administrators or computer support staff.