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Athena Consulting

Athena consultants are here to answer any questions related to Athena and its software. We also provide limited support for running locker software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In addition, we help students with running certain academic applications, e.g., MATLAB, on their non-Athena Mac, Linux, or Windows computers.


Athena Consulting
Building E17-106
x3-4435 (617-253-4435)
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Athena Consultants are generally available M-F, 9 AM-5 PM
At certain times (Orientation, IAP, summer), we may close early or slightly alter our in-person support hours. If you plan to visit E17 in person, call x3-4435 before you plan to come so that we can make sure someone will be here.

MIT Kerberos Accounts
Building E17-106
x3-1325 (617-253-1325)

Walk-in hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  2-5 PM
Tuesday, Thursday: 9 AM-12 PM

Helpful Resources

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Use the Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions about Athena at MIT.