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Tableau Reader

  • Free downloads for Tableau Reader are available for users that need only to view and interact with Tableau Desktop visualizations.

Tableau Desktop

  • Free educational licenses for Desktop are available from Tableau for current MIT students and faculty and their staff.
  • A limited number of Desktop licenses have been purchased by MIT for Administrative use by current faculty and staff on computers owned or leased by MIT.

How to Obtain

Tableau Reader Licensing

  • Free licenses for Tableau Reader are available from Tableau that open visualizations built in Desktop.

Tableau Desktop Licensing

  • Academic use/Lab license: Free Tableau license for teaching
    Refers to the use of Tableau for "Instructional Use" or "Non-commercial Academic Research" on MIT-owned or MIT-leased computers.
    • Instructional Use means:
      • Evaluating Tableau for classroom use
      • Developing materials and familiarity in Tableau for classes
      • Academic instruction
    • Non-commercial Academic Research means conducting not-for-profit research, which is not intended to; or in fact, produce results, works, services, or data for commercial use by anyone or to generate revenue.
  • Administrative use license: Request a purchased Tableau license for administrative faculty/staff.
    Refers to using Tableau for anything other than academic use on MIT-owned or MIT-leased computers, e.g., use of Tableau by administrative staff when conducting the business of MIT.
    Note: This license does not cover use by either Lincoln Laboratory or the Whitehead Institute.

You will receive an email with your license key as soon as one is available.

For licensing questions contact the Software Distribution Team.

Downloads (MIT certificate required)



About this Version 

Tableau Reader is a free desktop application that you can use to open and interact with data visualizations built in Tableau.

Tableau Desktop helps you analyze data and get quick answers to questions through visualizations, interactive dashboards, and data tables. Connect directly to the Data Warehouse, Excel spreadsheets, and other data sources.